Redd Vital Formulas information:

Redd Vital Formulas are based on a one-of-a-kind delivery system based on special carbon molecules that transport or drive the vital nutrients through the acidic environment of the stomach and into the digestive tract to be efficiently absorbed and delivered to the proper tissues.

 IR Repair 

With type 2 diabetes the problem isn’t really insulin, but rather insulin resistance (IR).  If you are insulin resistant your brain will not get the message that insulin is trying hard to convey that you have high levels of sugar in your bloodstream.


Now, in this way, insulin resistance (IR) promotes hunger and cravings. You eat, and insulin is released, but your body tells you to eat more, even though insulin is supposed to act as a satiety hormone. Therefore, obesity is linked to insulin resistance of the brain.


When too much insulin accumulates, resistance to it grows.  This causes liver cell inflammation, leading to decreased glycogen storage and increased liver fat accumulation. Fat is the last place to become insulin resistant, so fatty liver results. This is what leads to sugar spilling over into the bloodstream, resulting in diabetes mellitus.  Unfortunately, when brain cells, which are really specialized fat cells, become resistant to insulin, cognitive function declines and Alzheimer's develops. Too much blood sugar also damages proteins in the brain leading to brain cell dysfunction and death.


IR Repair is an ideal support formula for Type 2 Diabetes and early stages of Alzheimer's Disease, working similarly to and yet differently than Metformin but without the side effects. It works through increasing insulin sensitivity in liver, muscle and brain tissue; regenerating the pancreatic cells; decreases glucose transport through the intestinal lining; feeds the necessary and helpful gut microbes; promoting antioxidant enzyme activity; and decreasing membrane damage to cells.  Berberine, with a protective carbon shield to enhance absorption, reduces fasting blood glucose, triglycerides, apo-b, LDL-C, and total cholesterol while reducing insulin resistance.