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To Renew, Restore and Revitalize!

My approach to wellness begins with accepting the right kind of patient to my practice. This is vital to success for you as much as it is for me. My Ideal Patient has one major quality: He/She is one who will put their health, especially their brain health, NUMBER ONE in their lives above everything else. I mean, even above your spouse, kids, grandkids, your ailing grandparent, job, travels, finances, whatever. This is because if your health isn’t number one, if your brain isn’t present for whatever reason, then these people or things will be NOTHING to you. Nor will they have you for them, and YOU will be more of a burden on them then a help. I believe your life's mission is to become the REAL you. Isn’t it time you say YES to yourself? Isn’t it time you take care of yourself for once? This happens as you face life's challenges head-on and make the tough commitments to overcome them. Do it now!


Then I begin with finding which of many stressors is/are irritating your body and brain specifically, and then remove them. By removing the stressors, or “toxins”, then providing the right nutrients and building blocks, I can help you restore your body’s ability to function properly by helping you fix your cells! It's like having a roof with 36 holes in it. Can you live like that? What if there were a process and protocol to fill and patch those holes? When this is done, the dis-ease and disease are also often eliminated, or reversed. I work hard with you to find out why your body is not healing itself, and then correct the problem so that you can enjoy restored health!


I offer individualized programs to safely remove toxins from your body and support organ function. Remember, because you did not get this way overnight, the journey to health is a process and can take many months to years of following a protocol outlined for you individually to start seeing lasting results. 

My cellular healing and multi-therapeutic approach is what makes me different from most everybody else. By searching for and correcting the root cause, patients who have struggled for years to understand their ill health finally have true and meaningful answers. People who can read a book again because they can now remember what they just read, driving again, being able to have meaningful conversation with others again, even being able to work again. I have successfully treated hundreds of individuals who have seen dozens of other doctors with whom they saw limited to no results. I take the more personal approach. This is 'Functional Medicine.'

I believe that everybody is unique, and that each person’s story is important enough to care for. You cannot put a value on human health! With that said, my time and energy is also valuable. As with any goal worth achieving, I require your complete commitment, and so I work with you only if you truly place your health as your number-one priority -- no matter the obstacles. 

How do I actually promote the healing of your cells, so you can get well? 

The 5 R’s of Cellular Healing:

Remove the Source

We need to determine which toxic sources (heavy metals, bio-toxins, environmental toxins, including inside your home) are causing whole-body damage. When identified, these sources can then be safely ushered out of the body. This must be done in an orderly way, or else you will become sicker. The organs required for ushering the toxins out must be functioning or open, like a drain, or you are merely re-organizing your ‘junk piles’ instead of throwing them out!

Regenerate the Cell Membrane

If your cells are healthy, the fatty cellular membrane allows both nutrients to flow inside easily and toxins and free radicals inside the cell to leave unimpeded. If your cells are inflamed, however, nothing can come in and nothing can get out. Your cells instead become toxic cesspools. With inflammation, your cells cannot “hear” the hormonal messages and therefore cannot function properly. Regeneration of your cells’ membranes requires the right fats and nutrients from your diet and supplementation.

Restore Cellular Energy

Nutrients feed your cells’ power generators, or mitochondria, which produce ATP (energy). Without adequate ATP, your cells are unable to detoxify, regenerate, or function properly. Restoring your cellular energy requires the proper nutrients from your diet and supplementation, and these must be absorbed to be helpful. If toxins are not removed, these nutrients cannot be absorbed nor used.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation comes from 3 (toxic) main sources: Foods, including refined sugar and grains, bad fats, and toxins from processed food sources; Cosmetics, including toxic cleaning products; and the Environment, including dental and medical toxins, air pollutants, pesticides, herbicides and radiation. You must reduce these in your life. Once you have reduced exposure and removed these sources of inflammation (toxins) from your body, your cells can utilize the right nutrients and reverse inflammation (hardened, oxidized, sick cells).

Reestablish Methylation

Your body needs vitamin sourced “methyl” groups to turn stress hormones on and off. If you are low in or lack methyl groups, your body stays in a constant state of stress. Also, if depleted, the important role of methyl groups in detoxification, DNA protection and regulation, hormone function, and epigenetics cannot be performed.

*Reversal of your condition is possible, depending upon all of the right factors being present. With that said, there is no guarantee attached to this statement. Individual results may vary.